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This function is available in OCAD Professional.

The function Insert glyphs can be used to insert special characters like 2 for m2 into your text objects.

  1. To insert glyphs change the Font in the Text Symbol dialog box into a font which supports the required glyphs.
  2. Select an existing text object and set the cursor to the position you want to insert a glyph.
  3. Choose the Insert Glyphs command from the Object menu.
  4. The Insert Glyps dialog box appears:
  5. Double click on a character to add it or select a character and click the Insert button.
  6. Click the Close button to quit this dialog.

Hint.jpg -Only characters that are included in the character set can be added.

Hint.jpg -Add special characters on the right side of the dialog.

Hint.jpg -Glyphs can also be used in layout text objects.

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