Download Georeferenced Satellite Images

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Hint.jpg In OCAD, you can also use the Online Map Services, which is much easier than the workflow described on this page.

SAS.Planet is a free application used to view and download satellite maps submitted by such services as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yandex.maps, Yahoo! Maps and many more. The satellite maps can be downloaded and then loaded into OCAD as georeferenced background maps.

We can recommend the following workaround:

1. Download SASPlanet from the web and open the application.

2. Zoom to your desired location and select an extend.


3. Open the Selection Manager and edit the tab Stitch. Don’t forget to create a file for georeferencing. We’ve chosen the settings as follows.


4. Start the download.

5. Open a map project in OCAD. Your map needs to be georeferenced.

6. Go to Menu Background>Manage>Open.

7. Choose your downloaded satellite maps. As they most probably do not have the same coordinate system as your map project, you need to transform the satellite maps. Choose Google Mercator as coordinate system.

SASPlanet CS2.png
SASPlanet CS1.png

8. Click OK and the satellite maps appear as georeferenced background maps.

SASPlanet MapInOCAD.jpg