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(The Course Setting functions are only available in course setting projects!)

OCAD provides completely integrated functions for course setting in orienteering.

Start a New Course Setting Project

A course setting project is a special OCAD file. Like map files it has the extension .ocd, but it has a special internal mark to identify it as a course setting file. To create a course setting project, you must create a new map file.

  1. Choose the New command from the File menu or click the New button. The New File dialog box is displayed.
  2. In the Map type box select the 'Course setting project for orienteering item.
  3. Select a symbol set from the Load symbol set from box. For a course setting project in a scale where no symbol set is available please choose one of the available symbol sets.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Choose the Set Scale and Coordinate System command from the Map menu. Set the map scale to the correct value . It is important to do this before starting with course setting because the calculation of the courses length depends on the map scale.
  6. Choose the Save command from the File menu or click the Icon Save.PNG Save button. The Save As dialog box appears. Enter a file name for the course setting file.
  7. Choose the Open command from the Background maps menu to open a map file as a background map.
  8. Choose the Entire Map command from the View menu to show the whole map on the screen.

The Course Setting Box is displayed on the right side of the OCAD window. This Course Setting Box provides a lot of functions and options. Visit the Edit Course Setting Objects page to get more information.

Add Course Setting Objects

To learn how to add course setting objects visit the Add Course Setting Objects page with the following articles:

  1. Add Start, Controls and Finish
  2. Add a Marked Route
  3. Add a Control Description
  4. Add a Course Title
  5. Add Variant for Relay Courses. Learn how to create relay courses on the Create Relay Courses page.
  6. Add Start Numbers for Relay Courses. Learn how to create relay courses on the Create Relay Courses page.
  7. Add Other Objects, like the event title, logos, corrections on the map etc.
  8. Course Setting Dialog Box

Edit Course Setting Objects

Information about all functions which are provided by the course setting box on the right side of the window can be found on the Edit Course Setting Objects page.

Most important functions:
Change Code of Course Objects
Insert a Text Block
Lock or Unlock Course Objects
Edit Control Description
Add, Edit or Remove Course Objects
Preview Mode


The following two functions can be found in the Controls submenu of the Course Setting menu:

Renumber all Controls

Choose the Renumber all Controls command in the Controls submenu of the Course Setting menu to display the following dialog:


Enter a New first code to shift all control codes. All codes are shifted with the difference between the New first code and the Old first code. Click the OK button when finished.
This function can be useful if you come to know the available control numbers not before setting the courses.

Control Elevation

Visit the Control Elevation page to find more information about this function.


As a next step you can Create a New Course. A course is basically a list of the start, controls, marked route(s) and the finish. You may want to Insert Other Course Objects like mandatory crossing point, mandatory passage through out of bound area, map exchange, relay team or leg variation.

OCAD supports:

All information about courses can be found on the Create a New Course page.


In OCAD you can either work with courses only or you can use classes and courses. Different classes may use the same course. Visit the Create a New Class page for more information.

Insert Course Object to Courses

Add a Course Object to Courses

Delete Course Object from Courses

Delete Course Object from Courses

Making Graphic Modifications

Often it is necessary to make modifications to the courses generated by OCAD.

Move Control Numbers for All Courses

-Move a control number in the course setting preview.
-Choose the function Move Control Number for all Courses from Course Setting menu to move the number of this control for all other courses too.

Edit Connection Line for All Courses

-Edit a connection line in the course setting preview.
-Choose the function Edit Connection Line all Courses from Course Setting menu to edit the connection line in all other courses that use this leg.

Edit Text Control Description

Edit Text Control Description

Auto Control Description

OCAD provides an auto control description tool that recognizes map objects where controls are placed and sets the corresponding IOF symbol to the control description.

Course Statistic and Event Statistic

Choose Course Statistics and Event Statistics from the Course Setting menu to optimize courses.


Choose Print, Courses from the Course Setting menu to print courses. Courses can be printed together with the map or on an already printed map. OCAD provides adjustment functions to adjust the course to the already printed map. In addition EPS files can be created to make films for offset printing.

Choose Print control descriptions from the Course Setting menu to print control descriptions only.

Control descriptions can printed together with the course on the map: add a control description object.


Import courses


OCAD provides different exports of course data for event software, courses as gpx file, course maps etc.


Course Setting Options

Lock/Unlock Controls and Courses

hint Use Lock/Unlock the positions from course setting objects button to protect control from editing.
hint Use Lock/Unlock the courses button to protect courses from editing.

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