Course Setting for Orienteering

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(This function is only available in course setting projects!)

OCAD provides completely integrated functions for course setting in orienteering.

Starting a course setting project

To start a course setting project you create a project file. Then you open the map used for the event as a background map.

Adding the course setting objects

First you add start, controls and finish.

Then you add the marked route from the last control to the finish and any other marked routes.

You can add a control description which is printed together with the course.

Add a course title (with course name and/or class names).

For relay courses add the start number.

Adding other objects

You may want to add other objects like event title, logos, corrections to the map etc.

Creating Courses

As a next step you create courses. A course is basically a list of start, controls, marked route(s) and finish.

Creating Classes

In OCAD you can either work with courses only or you can use classes and courses. Different classes may use the same course. If you want to use classes you have to create classes.

Use DEM for Climb Calculation

OCAD can calculate courses' climbing based on a DEM. The elevation of controls can be edited.

Making modifications

Often it is necessary to make modifications to the courses generated by OCAD.

Use Automatical Control Description

OCAD provides an automatical control description tool that recognizes map objects where controls are placed and sets the corresponding IOF symbol to the control description.

Use Statistics to Optimize Courses

Choose Course Statistics and Event Statistics from the Course menu to optimize courses.

Exporting Courses

You can export a list of courses with their controls. This list can be imported in electronic punching systems.

If your electronic punching system supports the OCAD format, choose Export Courses Version 8 (Text) from the Course menu to export the courses. Else choose Export Courses Version (XML) from the Course menu to export the IOF XML format.

Printing Courses

Choose Print, Courses from the Course menu to print courses. Courses can be printed together with the map or on an already printed map. OCAD provides adjustment functions to adjust the course to the already printed map. In addition EPS files can be created to make films for offset printing.

Printing Control Descriptions

Choose Print control descriptions from the Course menu to print control descriptions only.

Control descriptions can printed together with the course on the map. To do this, you [[Adding Course Setting Objects#Adding a Control Description|add a control description object].

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