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1.7 Right of Return

1.7.1 Generally there is no right of return

1.7.2 The right of return is limited to the following conditions. The right of return is granted only if the licensor has had the possibility of analyzing the issue per FTP or any other remote-control software on the computer or server of the licensee within five working days. Additionally, the refund will only be granted if the problem is not caused by any non-standard third party.

1.7.3 Every software which we send to you is subject to the corresponding licence agreements. These licence agreements are distributed with all our software products. The licence agreements, which are part of this contract and included by reference, are accessible on our webseite www.ocad.com to you before the purchase.

1.7.4 It is your responsibility to make sure that the software or software bundles (Editions) which you order are according to your needs and are compatible with your existing infrastructure, resp. systems and processes.