National map series with a scale of 1:5000, district and custom maps based on ALK.
The administration of the City of Berlin is broken down into 12 district offices. The majority of these offices use OCAD to produce the map of Berlin with a scale of 1:5000 (K5) as well as for district and custom maps. The foundation of the maps produced with OCAD is the data from the Automated Real Estate Map (ALK). The maps of Berlin with a scale of 1:5000 (K5) are created uniformly by all districts and updated every 2 years. They are available in both analogue and digital form. Moreover, the land surveying offices issue their own district maps with different scales and characteristics.








In addition to this, custom thematic maps are produced in many districts, also on behalf of other offices, for example:
- electoral district maps
- maps broken down into social regions
- maps of the school locations
- children's city map
- development plan overviews

Smart district and custom maps for Berlin
Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin
FB Vermessung
Mehringdamm 32
10216 Berlin