Layout Layer.


The layout layer allows you to add peripheral information to a map. Logos, titles as well as other graphic objects such as auto-generated map legends or coordinate grids can be added onto the map. This will make it easier to produce the complete map with OCAD 12. OCAD 12 Wiki, «Layout» gives you more information how to do it.




The symbol box and other tool boxes can be detached and placed anywhere. Further informations can be found on OCAD 12 Wiki «Docking Panel».


Provide Print Files.


OCAD provides you with many export formats to print maps. PDF files are today’s standard. OCAD provides a direct and fast export possibility for this with the option to choose between true colors or process colors (CMYK). If, in addition, you want to export a map background as well, for example a relief, then this is not a problem thanks to the hybrid export (vector and raster data). Moreover you can also export all your data as raster files (TIFF/BMP/PNG/JPG). You have also the option to export your map as Adobe Illustrator or EPS file.


Import (Vektor)-PDF Files.


If you save Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDraw files as PDF, you can import them into OCAD without any problem.