OCAD for Cartography: Workflow

Import Data

Use Existing Spatial Data

Use spatial data from governmental sources or Open Street Map (OSM) for your base map.


Capture and Derive Your Own Spatial Data

Enrich your map by capturing map features yourself using GPS, laser range finder and analyzing digital elevation models (DEM) or LiDAR data. 


Create Your Own Map Symbols

Assign your data to your own unique map symbols. Use the unique drawing, editing and generalization tools to produce maps for the most demanding requirements in cartography.

Export Map

Print and Export Your Map

Finalize your map with a layout for printing, export for further digital use or create an interactive web map version.

Multiple Representation

Alter your map features in different representations without affecting your original map. However, if you change the original, the different representations will adopt these changes.

  • Add a representation to insert additional objects and/or remove others.
  • Add a representation to translate texts objects to a different language.
  • Add a representation to shift objects to fit them into a certain print extract (e.g. map edge cleaning).
Thematik Mapper

Thematic Mapper

Visualize your statistical data with the Thematic Mapper. A step-by-step wizard assists you to get spatial overview of a specific theme or subject area.

  • Choose between different representations like proportional symbols, lines and arrows as well as choropleths or various types of charts such as bar charts, pie charts and wing charts.
  • Map objects can be individually placed, displayed or hidden.
  • Easily automated with XML scripts.
  • Combine thematic maps seamlessly with topographic maps.