The program “firebird” is for professional and standardised recording and management of all data having to do with fire objects and their danger in practice. In particular, it contains tools for assessment sheets, location drawings, detailed plans, directions, and water transport with pressure calculations. Besides entering buildings such as schools, hospitals, businesses, churches, etc., preventative deployment planning can also be done for natural hazards such as high water levels, floods, mudslides, etc. The program “firebird” is characterised by its concise database with graphic elements, and it is very easy to use. OCAD is integrated as the graphic element for processing the deployment plans and is compatible with all Windows operating systems. The data from land register surveys and the 1:25,000 maps of the respective communities are used as backgrounds for plan processing tools. This data is included with the product and can be updated at any time since it only serves as background data. It is also possible to import background data such as hydrants, sewers, as well as other geodata.


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