The MeKi Landkarten GmbH creates a variety of maps. The cycling maps have been developed "by cyclists for cyclists" and are mainly in the scale 1:30 000. Moreover, they create maps, city atlases and other cartographic products. In the production of their maps, the MeKi Landkarten GmbH trusts in the OCAD software program. The cartography, which is originally based on Macromedia FreeHand has been converted into OCAD. The fact that their maps are continuously and georeferenced after the conversion into OCAD is what the MeKi Landkarten GmbH appreciates most about the OCAD software.




MeKi Landkarten GmbH
Pfützenstrasse 66
64347 Griesheim

Pricing of OCAD 12

OCAD 12 Mapping Solution (Professional and ThematicMapper) CHF 2180  
OCAD 12 Professional CHF 1480  
OCAD 12 ThematicMapper CHF 780  
OCAD 12 Academic (FAQ) CHF 980  
OCAD 12 Orienteering CHF 580  
OCAD 12 Starter CHF 180  
OCAD 12 Course Setting CHF 58  
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2 Products 5%  
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4 Products 15%  
5 Products 20%  
6 Products 20%  
7 Products 20%  
8 Products 20%  
9 Products 20%  
10 Products and more 25%  

This Volume Discount applies only for the following Products:
Orienteering, Academic, Professional, ThematicMapper and Mapping Solution

OCAD 12 Starter Bundle of 5 licenses CHF 675
OCAD 12 Course Setting Bundle of 10 licenses CHF 430

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OCAD for Cartography


OCAD for Orienteering

ocad_for_cartography   ocad_for_orienteering

- Thematic Maps

- Topographic Maps



- Orienteering Maps

- Course Setting








Thematic maps are used in many fields for the visualization of the different spatial distribution and characteristics of various phenomena. Therefore the cartography software OCAD has been extended under a supported by the CTI cooperation of OCAD Inc. with the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation ETH Zurich by a special module for creating thematic maps. This opens up an efficient and inexpensive way to create expressive maps.

OCAD 12 ThematicMapper has been awarded with Prix Carto of the Swiss Society of Cartography.

The step-by-step wizard guides you through the process by following established cartographic rules.

 Statistical Data        Geometry Data       Join Data
1 Statistical Data 2 Geometry Data 3 Join Data
 Visualization Method  Chart Properties  Additional Map Features
4 Visualization Method 5 Chart Properties 6 Additional Map Features


OCAD 12 ThematicMapper supports many visualization methods for point-like, linear and area-based representations like proportional symbols, lines and arrows as well as choropleths or various types of charts such as bar charts, pie charts and wing charts. These can be divided into groups for example, to make comparable the consumption of different energy sources of two years.

OCAD 12 ThematicMapper creates the map legend and the scale bar automatically. The map objects can be individually placed, displayed or hidden. Various export formats (among others PDF, JPG, TIFF) are available as well as the obligatory printing function. In addition, the map creating process can be automated easily with XML scripts.

Combine your thematic maps seamlessly with topographic maps with the OCAD 12 Mapping Solution - the software solution for topographic and thematic maps from one source .


Videos about creating thematic maps with OCAD ThematicMapper:

Tutorials (in german):




Thematic Map Examples

Choropleth map about a TV law vote in Switzerland Wing charts with the animals per district in the Canton of Berne
Graduated arrows about migration in Europe Pie charts about land use in Switzerland
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